Differentiated Instruction

Workshop Part 1: Differentiated Instruction

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Try a tier , RAFTS, menu, center handout: external image pdf.png Try a tier, RAFTS, menu, center.pdf

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Learning Center
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Differentiated Instruction to Support and Challenge our 21st Century Learners:Visual Agenda Movie:

Strategies and Templates

Special Ed Strategies for Differentiated Instruction

Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy from Edoragami

Lower Order Thinking
Recognising, Listing, Describing, Identifying, Retrieving, naming, Locating, Finding, bullet pointing, highlighting, bookmarking, social networking, social bookmarking, favouriting/local bookmarking, searching & googling.
Gathering information
Count, Define, Match, Observe, Select, Describe, Identify, List, Observe, Name & Recite.
Interpreting, Summarising, inferring, paraphrasing, classifying, comparing, explaining, exemplifying, advanced searches, Boolean searches, blog journaling, twittering, catergorising, tagging, commenting, annotating & subscribing.
Processing information
Analyse, Categorise, Compare/Contrast, Explain, Infer, Make, Analogies, Sequence, Synthesize & Sort.
Implementing, carrying out, using, executing, running, loading, playing, operating, hacking, uploading, sharing & editing.
Comparing, organising, deconstructing, attributing, outlining, finding, structuring, integrating, mashing, linking, validating, reverse engineering & cracking.
Checking, hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting, judging, testing, detecting, monitoring, blog commenting/critiquing, reviewing, posting, moderating, collaborating, networking, refactoring & testing.
Applying Information.
Apply a principle, Evaluate, Forecast, Hypothesize, Imagine, Assess, Predict, Speculate, Judge, if/then, Idealize & Generalise.
Designing, constructing, planning, producing, inventing, devising, making, programming, filming, animating, blogging video blogging, mixing, re-mixing, wiki-ing, publishing, videocasting, podcasting, directing & broadcasting
Higher Order Thinking